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Our latest cash register system

PetrolMat Online II

Outdoor payment terminal (OPT) for public petrol stations, compatible with centralized management and preselection-capable pumps. Modern design with deep customisation options of the user interface.

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Highly recommended for cash register users whith stock management needs.

Bank card

Compatible with all POS terminals in stand alone and intagrated configuration.

Euro acceptance

Tax card user program with full support for the Euro including exchange rate settings and conversions.


E-Vignette, E-Toll, PaySafe, Relational tickets and Mobile balance top-up.




Outdoor payment terminals

Fully tax and custom regulation compliant OPT installation all across Hungary.


Reliable operation

All products are built exclusively with high quality components and supported by our dedicated and knowledgeable staff.


Cash register systems

Our checkout systems and OPTs highly integrated with petrol stations' equipments. They also support a wide variety petrol pumps and tank probes.


Customer support

We provide contractual remote and on-site support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

PetrolMat in action

Purchases can be made with cash, various bank cards or fuel cards. If the filling prematurely ends, the remaining sum will be unlocked on the Customer's account in case of bank card payment or the OPT prints a voucher for it in case of cash payment.

PetrolMat OPT


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16 July 2018

NTCA Online Invoice registration available

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24 May 2018

ALDI's DISZKONT (Discount) petrol stations have opened

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21 February 2018

E-Vignettes purcashe with DKV coupon

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