PetrolPlus Dual

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The PetrolPlus Dual cash register system is for petrol stations which are operated by two contractors (different seller of petrol and shop products). It supports a wide variety of e-products, such as e-vignette, e-toll, PaySafe, relational tickets and mobile balance top-up. Volume limits can be set per individual Customer or Customer Group. Scheduled price discounting can be applied with various conditions. The WPHeadOffice integration provides centralized management over multiple PetrolCashOnline systems even on different physical locations.

Supported transactions

  • Receipt and invoice creation
  • Fuel card purchases
  • Invoice cancellation
  • Product returns management
  • Loyalty card features
  • Marketing messages on the receipts and invoices
  • Details

    • Tax control unit
    • EUR support
    • User authorization management
    • Automated empties handling
    • Promotional & gift item management
    • Buyer card based identification
    • Barcode & volume barcode support
    • POS terminal integration
    • E-product sale
    • NTCA authorization number: A141

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