WPBackOffice excise registration system - NTDSC compliant


The WPBackOffice is a NTDSC compliant excise registration system, also the background software of our cash register systems. Beyond basic functions it is managing the invoicing of fuel card purchases, the stock entries, the inventory, the down payments and NTCA excise records as well.

Main functions

  • Electronically signed invoice creation and sending
  • Invoicing fuel card purchases
  • Delivery notes, proforma invoices, advance payments
  • Costomer debt and supplier obligation records
  • Automated e-mail sending
  • Full remote access
  • Electronic shelf label system integration
  • Can be used as an online invoicing software as well

  • Discount management

  • Percentage and fixed amount based discount or marked up prices
  • Discounts based on the used cash registers, e.g. quick checkouts
  • Discounts based on payment methodes
  • Discounts based on customer groups
  • Discounts based on product groups
  • Discount while specific stocks last
  • Post-purchase discounts for customers with credit
  • Scheduled discounts (date, time, part of the day)
  • Listing, changing discounts in bulk
  • Loyalty and discount card support with magstripe, barcode or RFID equipped cards
  • Supporting cards both self-issued and from 3rd-party services (pl. Ügyfélkártya.hu)

  • Stock management

  • Stock levels, stock changes by products, groups of products and storages
  • Product transfer records between storages
  • Records for stock change caused by sold products
  • Detailed cost and sell-price calculation for remaining and sold stock
  • Minimum stock alerts
  • Inventory recording support for printed sheets and mobile application
  • Product procurement via invoices and delivery notes
  • Product procurement with the barcode supporting Mobile Inventory application
  • Product procurement using imported data 3rd-party sources:
    - olnine invoice data from the NTCA system
    - ODBE (National Tobacco Store Supplier Ltd.) system data
    - other XML files
  • Purchase invoice creation from delivery notes

  • OpenBanking service

  • Automated bank account balance and transaction info synchronisation for WPBackOffice's own bank records
  • The incoming bank transfer data is imported into the program's record in real-time. The properly filled out transactions automatically update the customer's debt record even if the payment is partial only

  • Data forwarding to 24 management systems

  • TenSoft
  • RLB
  • MaxiTax
  • ForintSoft
  • and more
  • Details

    • Invoicing fuel card purchases
    • Down payment management
    • Stock entry management
    • Inventory management
    • J41 data transmission
    • NTCA excise records
    • ODBE integration & data import
    • Comprehensive analytic options
    • Flexible price change management
    • Data forwarding to accounting
    • NTDSC compliant
    OpenBanking service in WPBackOffice
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