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Video Introduction

Check out our online payment terminal in action.


Outdoor payment terminal (OPT) for public petrol stations, compatible with centralized management and preselection-capable pumps.

Supported transactions
  • Fuel purchase
  • E-Vignette purchase
  • Mobile balance top-up
  • Paysafecard purchase
  • Nayax car wash balance top-up

In-cash purchases
  • HUF and EUR support without direct cash payback.
  • If the filling prematurely ends, the OPT prints a voucher for the remaining sum.

  • Bank card purchases
  • If the filling prematurely ends, the remaining sum will be unlocked on the Customer's bank account.

  • Fuel card purchases
  • Self-issued RFID and magnetic stripe cards, DKV, WAG, UTA international fuel cards are all supported.

Petrol unloading recording
  • The OPT switches to unloading mode
  • Determining tank levels before and after unloading
  • Levels can either be gathered automatically via level sensors or typed in manually after the measuring stick checks.
  • The before and after levels are stored and can be compared to the stock entry documents

Modes of operation
  • Stand-alone operation on unmanned petrol stations.
  • Complementing traditional petrol stations where some of the pumps are controlled by the OPT and others by in-shop checkout system.
  • Pumps can also be controlled by the staff during the day and by the OPT at night.


  • Simplex version: One customer interface
  • Duplex version: Two customer interfaces
  • 17" touch-display
  • Automatic brightness adjusting
  • Full-sized on-screen keyboard
  • User interface, narration in 15 languages
  • Bank card reader with a physical PIN pad
  • In-cash purchases
  • HUF & EUR support
  • Automatic untaken receipt & invoice collector
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Infrared IP camera
  • High security cash cassette
  • Tax control unit equipped receipt printer
  • E-mail notifications
  • Electronic alarm system
  • Opening, sound, drilling & tilting sensors
  • MABISZ certified cash compartment
  • NTCA authorization number: A166
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