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SoluM Newton Electronic Shelf Labels
SoluM Newton Lite Electronic Shelf Labels
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SoluM Newton Lite in a retail store
SoluM Newton Lite in a retail store
SoluM Newton Lite in a retail store

Video Introduction

Check out our system integrated electronic shelf labels in action.


Our WPBackOffice integrated SoluM (Samsung) electronic shelf labels utilize E-ink displays, available in different colours and sizes. New labels can be easily added to WPBackOffice and can be managed both from there and from our Mobile Inventory companion application. Price changes and discounts are deployed within moments. When used in a National Tobacco Shop, the ODBE (National Tobacco Store Supplier Ltd.) provided prices are automatically being updated on the labels.

Available colours and sizes
  • Black-White E-ink display
  • Black-White-Red E-ink display
  • Black-White-Yellow E-ink display
  • Black or white frame
  • Display sizes between 3x3 cm and 16x24 cm

The SoluM ESL solution consists of four main components:
  • Electronic Shelf Labels
    Displaying product names, stock, barcodes, QR codes, logos and other information in the shopping and storage areas.
  • SoluM Gateway
    The wireless controlling device of the shelf labels. Thanks to its up to 30 m range and support for up to 50.000 labels it can cover a significantly sized area. Multiple Gateways can also be used simultaneously if necessary.
  • AIMS Software
    The Gateway and shelf label controlling program suite that connects them to the store’s other software and hardware solutions.
  • Besides them
    an administrative or inventory management and pricing software is also needed that can communicate with AIMS. The product names, prices, and other information appearing on shelf labels can be automatically passed from it to the label system.
    In our solution WPBackOffice fits this role.

The electronic shelf label system can be purchased and operated independently from WPBackOffice too.

In that case, the options are:

  • - The integration of the chosen administration or inventory management and pricing software with the AIMS server must be implemented by the Customer via REST API calls, for which we can also provide general technical documentation;
  • - In the AIMS Dashboard products can be added and managed manually or with the use of the xls/xlsx file import feature.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic price updates
  • Discount price management
  • In various colours and sizes
  • Android companion application
Electronic Shelf Label Components

More about SoluM's Newton Labels, Gateways and the AIMS Software Solution

Newton Lite Leaflet
Newton Leaflet
Gateway Leaflet
AIMS Leaflet

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